Studioriley is a strategic insights and planning practice.

We believe that strategy as a discipline is evolving quickly from the broad application of social science to a discipline that also requires deep cultural insight. Traditional ideas of success and engagement are rooted in an industrial Anglo-American perspective and are no longer universally accepted as valuable. With this in mind we lead multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to explore long-term challenges for our clients.

We believe in “learning from …” people not simply learning about them. This leads to deep collaboration and a creative process that transforms observations into powerful insights.

Our work generally falls into the following areas:

  • The Strategic Planning of Marketing / Brand Communications
  • Consumer and market insight that informs innovative strategic thinking
  • Leading collaborative and creative conversations across complex organizations in order to achieve alignment around simple, powerful ideas.

And any other challenges that are exciting and important, and above all, improve people’s lives.

We have a core team.

Chris Riley, executive director
Ken Smith, client services / strategist
Jade Wieting, Studio manager / researcher

We lead a collaborative community.

Felix Ng and Germaine Chong (Anonymous), art direction and design, production
Alex Chadwick, journalist, interviewer and video story editor
Ethan Boehme, video producer and editor
Chris Rainier, Nat Geo Explorer, photographer
Robert Poynton, strategist/network thinker
Sheila Ashworth, copy editor
Andrew Hultkrans, copy editor
Eric Ramon, data analysis
Hiko Ozawa, Japanese translator
First Printers, Singapore printing
Rhino Digital, Portland printing

We have collaborated with the following wonderful photojournalists.

Akintunde Ilesanmi Akinleye, Nigeria
Shahidul Alam, Bangladesh
Alvelyn Alko, Singapore
Vinicius Assencio, Brazil
Miss Bean Bean, Hong Kong
Stefen Chow, China
Jessica Cross, US and South Africa
Andre Cypriano, Brazil
Drik, Bangladesh
Melanie Dunea, US
Ethan Eisenberg, Canada
Thushan Gunatunga, India
Noriko Hayashi, Japan
Anthony Karumba, Nairobi
Julie Keefe, US
Isadora Kosofsky, US
Zishaan Akbar Latif, India
Wang Lei, China
Nuri Arunbiarti Moeladi, Indonesia
Koeketsi Moticoe, South Africa
Ben Nelms, Canada
Edy Purnomo, Indonesia
Raghu Rai, India
Chi Yin Sim, China
Marcela Taboada, Mexico
Newsha Tavakolian, The Netherlands
Pablo Corral Vega, Ecuador