Photo credits: The very positive view of CEO Peter Bendor-Samuel

Client Story: Everest Group, “If you could see what we can see.”

Everest Group are a leading research organization that supports the service sector and partners with firms such as Accenture and Infosys. Studioriley was engaged by CEO and Founder Peter Bendor-Samuel to integrate a relevant perspective on sustainability into Everest Group’s practice such that they could integrate sustainability research and insight into their practice in a way that fulfilled their mission of being with you on your journey”.

Global Perspective: The more we delved into EG’s practice the more positive we became about the incredible power of human ingenuity and business practice in solving both climate change challenges and social inequities. 

Cultural Context: Sustainability and climate change are fear driven concepts that are overwhelming to most and confusing to all. Racing to implementation is fraught with lack of clarity and, often anxiety. Its a culture of fear not opportunity.

Strategic Direction: Studioriley recommended “If you could see what we can see” as a call to action. Research conducted with compassion and integrity is world changing and Everest’s research reveals that positive change is underway at a global scale.

With: Special thanks to Peter Lacy, head of sustainability at Accenture and Cory Glickman of Infosys for their insightful and positive enthusiasm about the future of a more sustainable world. Special thanks also to Kimberly Curry who introduced us to her client.

Where: USA, India, UK