Photo credits: Olson Kundig's Delta Shelter, Mazuma, Washington

Client Story: Olson Kundig, creativity from the unstable edge of the Pacific Rim

Studioriley was engaged to help Olson Kundig develop their unique voice in architecture as one of the worlds leading architectural firms at a moment of transition, a 50 year old firm looking forward another fifty years.

Cultural context: OK are based in Seattle, steeped in the frontier spirit and tend to look west to Asia more than they look East to Europe. The culture of architects is defined by hierarchy, status, starchitects and egocentricity. The Pacific Northwest is radical, connected to nature and a different history to Europe.

Global Perspective: If you map the world from above Hawaii you see the circular rim of the Pacific, ringed by volcanoes and made unstable by tectonic action. Around the rim the world economy is thriving as influence and opportunity shift there from Europe.

Strategic Direction: Elevate the founding culture of the firm in the Pacific Northwest its creative history and position on the “unstable edge of the Pacific Rim”. Go global but stay rooted and always ask “what would a farmer do?”, as founder Tom Kundig would say. By rooting in the land, avoiding hubris, embracing science and creativity OK creates a positive architectural voice in the sustainable age.

Where: Seattle, USA

With: Ken Smith, Duane King and the incredible talent that is Olson Kundig.