Photo credits: Dror Einav, RiseUp Founders

Client Story: RiseUP and enjoy financial wellbeing

RiseUp, an Israeli fintech start up, engaged Studioriley to help find its voice and tell its story in a way that would scale the business across many cultures with many different attitudes to money. 

Cultural context: The radical proposition that you can enjoy managing your money is similar to the idea that you can enjoy health and fitness. It provides RiseUp with a revolutionary attitude that reflects the passion of the founders and the effectiveness of the service. By making the management of finances a positive experience people are empowered and happier.

Strategic Direction: The company’s strategy is to be a leader in the 4 trillion dollar worldwide well being movement and define the value of “financial wellbeing”, uniquely positioning them as something positive and valuable to anyone.

With: David Begler, Writer and Creative Director.

Where: Israel, UK