Client story: Shiseido goes global, beautifully

Studioriley was engaged by Shiseido to rejuvenate and globalize the brand. The 150 year old Japanese company was used by every Japanese mother and had integrated an illustrious history of art and photography into its marketing. 

Global Perspective: Shiseido needed to appeal to a young multicultural world in an intensely competitive beauty industry. Ideals of beauty are evolving and diverse in a multicultural context and women wanted a perspective on beauty that was inclusive, worldly and positive. Beauty is more than skin deep.

We facilitated a fresh approach to branding working with the best talent in Japan, Europe and America. Every aspect of the brand was reconsidered, from packaging to advertising, retail presentation and the company’s internal organization. Skin care, make-up and fragrance businesses were all unified and became relevant worldwide. The strategy was grounded in transmitting a Japanese ideal of beauty that was more than skin deep, respected women as individuals and created authentic provenance leveraging Japan’s aesthetic reputation: Ginza, Tokyo.

Strategic Direction:It was a detailed project that touched all of the company and after three years Shiseido was reborn as a global beauty brand from Ginza, Tokyo. Shiseido became a global growth brand.

With: Shiseido Art & Design Group led by Naomi Yamamoto, Sumiko Sato, Japanese Writer, Translator and Creative Director and Creative Director Ruba Abu-Nimah who went on to relaunch Tiffany worldwide.

Where: Japan, USA, France