Photo credits: Roppongi Hills where Studioriley was based during the project.

Client story: MORI Building, the ten ways that create Hills Life

Studioriley was engaged to help set the future vision and values of the company after its Founder, Minoru Mori, passed away. The values that defined the incredible social, cultural and economic success of developments such as Roppongi Hills needed to be stated in a way that respected the history, the founding family’s values and the immense potential of one of the worlds most creative, innovative and influential cities. MORI needed to talk to the international community and people of Tokyo in the same way, grounded in values that are meaningful to both. 

Global perspective: Tokyo’s regeneration and its journey to being an open-minded multinational hub for the worlds thinkers has been led by MORI Building whose logo illuminates the Tokyo skyline in many locations. Yet Tokyo competed with cities perceived as more open and more welcoming to foreigners. How could we change this?

Strategic Direction: Studioriley developed ten elements of “The MORI Way”. Many of the developments are called “Hills” and MORI publishes a journal documenting “Hills Life”. We also proposed that “Hills Life” became more than a magazine, it is also a way of urban living that reflected the ten “ways” of Mori, including physical, mental and emotional safety. It was a prescient and positive project for a future looking client with a vision of peaceful urban coexistence that gets more relevant everyday.

With: Sumiko Sato, Creative Director, Writer and Translator of books into Japanese.

Where: Tokyo, Japan