Client Story: Trove is a partner extending brand value through re-commerce

Trove, the original innovator in re-commerce, engaged Studioriley to help articulate its voice and purpose to compete in the rapidly evolving cultural context for sustainability as a re-commerce brand.

Cultural Context: Sustainability has gone from fringe to mainstream, the cultural narrative has gone from “should” to “how?” And consumerism is evolving as a consequence.

As with many brands the mission and the vision of Trove are mutual yet separate. In this case the mission to be the operating system of re-commerce supports a vision of a world where the value of brands to both customers and brand owners is extended. 

The sustainable benefits are huge and represent the passion of the founders and employees of Trove. If we buy less and wear more, our brands have more value to us and brand owners enjoy greater value over a longer time.

Strategic Direction: A redesigned identity, new website and marketing messaging that unified the mission, vision and employee culture. An effective business offering inspirational values.

With: Creative Director and writer David Begler and International Design firm Mucho.

Where: USA