Photo credits: Fifth Avenue Store opening, NY

Client Story: UNIQLO, LifeWear that is Made For All

Studioriley has worked with UNIQLO for many years. The company has been a foundational client from whom we have learned a lot. We were engaged to help bring their uniquely Japanese sense of everyday clothing, LifeWear, to the world.

Cultural context: Japanese culture views clothing very differently to Western culture. Concepts steeped in meaning have less context in Japan and the ability of Japanese creative people to absorb influences, refine and re-express them often includes removing what they originally meant. LifeWear is UNIQLO’s perspective on casual clothing, clothing that is a part of individual style, not style itself.

How do you compete with fast fashion brands that sell a low quality interpretation of cultural trends rather than quality clothing that becomes intrinsic to everyday life?

One of the ideas we worked on changes the way you think about clothes: “Made For All”. Not exclusive, not for a niche but made for all. This simple expression has defined the success of UNIQLO. Quality is sustainable and a valuable alternative to the disposability of fast fashion. Wearing and caring for longer massively improves the sustainability of clothes and is important when competing with fast fashion. Quality made for all is changing consumerism.

The Studio has worked on store openings all over the world, bringing “Made for All” to Milan, Stockholm, Manilla, Vancouver, Beijing, New York and London among many others.

Strategic direction: Bring UNIQLO’s Japanese values to the world, offer quality as a sustainable ideal and meaningful cultural engagement as a way of being part of everyday life.

UNIQLO, originally the small retailer of American casual clothes in Japan is now one of the most valuable apparel brands in the world.

With: Sumiko Sato in Japan,  John Jay all over the world, Anonymous in Singapore and Bankok, and many other creative partners.