Client Story: Where do you want to go today? Microsoft

Our assignment was to make Microsoft relevant to a broad global audience and launch Windows 95 as a consumer product.

Microsoft was a niche office based technology brand dependent on IT professionals and enterprise contracts.

Global Perspective: The brand had to be liberated from its geeky niche to be relevant to a broad audience. The launch of Windows 95 brought the Microsoft experience closer to Apple Mac’s and opened the world of PCs to more personal and broader use.

Strategic Direction: “Microsoft gives you access to a new world of thinking and communicating”. Microsoft were starting people on a journey of discovery not simply providing software that improved productivity.

The “Start” button was how you entered the new world of Windows. The song “Start Me Up” was a powerful cultural force. Microsoft bought the song from The Rolling Stones for use in the launch of W95 globally. It was the most successful product launch in history.

Until the iPhone

With: W+K, Jim Riswold (Where do you want to go today?), Steve Sandoz, John Jay, Charlotte Moore, Bob Moore, Michael Prieve and many more.

Where: USA, Japan, UK, France, Germany and other global markets.