Photo credits: Wang Lei/Beijing

Client story: Samsung / Cheil: Stories from the people living them

Studioriley was engaged to help create a globally coherent approach to the research, planning and development of creative work by introducing an effective and efficient approach to consumer insight and creative briefing.

Cultural context: Cheil sponsored Studioriley to do research that brought to life stories about technology around the world. The work illuminated the energy and creativity of young people with access to technology and the diversity of experiences that provided motivational context. The idea of “stories from the pole living them” brought in local photographers and commentators the network facilitated.

In each Cheil office a vibrant local creative culture flourished and represented the local nuance of creative life.

Global perspective: The work focussed on the company’s Seoul, Korea head office and connected to every country in which Samsung operated. We met and workshopped creative briefing concepts in Moscow, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, London, Seoul, Beijing and Dubai. The work was multicultural, multinational and multi disciplinary. It illustrated that cultural contexts were diverse and reflected in the way local creative people thought. Yet all were united in pursuit of relevant creative ideas that were exciting. Local ideas have the power to be globally relevant because not only are consumers connected but local stories are authentic.

Strategic Direction: The key to uniting a global creative network is to share ambition for the work itself and empower local creative cultures. Different cultures can develop different creative briefs but the collaboration between business leaders and creative leaders is the key to success.

With: Cheil offices around the world.

Where: Korea, USA, UK, India, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Brazil, UAE.