Photo credits: Jess Cross. Father and daughter enjoy music at home in New York.

Client story: SONOS creates the sound of home

Studioriley was commissioned to explore the experience of music in the home for SONOS in the context of rapidly advancing streaming technologies.

Inspired by Akiko Busch’s book “The Geography of Home” we visited people from many walks of life, spent time with them in their home and documented the role music played.

We also looked ahead to the future of music in the home and interviewed innovators about life with music.We commissioned an essay from Akiko Busch and interviewed Brian Eno, Giles Martin and composer David Schiff. How could SONOS find a home in the home and not simply be another wifi enabled collection of streaming music devices?

Cultural Context: Music is enjoyed in the home as seamless part of other activities and as part of our identity. In our homes we are ourselves and music in the home is intrinsic to our sense of self. Occasionally people sit down and in a focussed manner listen. But in the main listening is passive yet very meaningful.

Strategic Direction: Position SONOS as an intuitive and immersive home music experience. SONOS is part of the experience of home not just a piece of equipment for the home. Focus on the quality of the experience not just the technology of delivery.

With: Jess Cross, Photographer and DJ, Brian Eno, musical innovator and Akiko Busch Author and Contributing Editor to architectural magazine Metropolis.

Where: USA