Learning from Aaron Huey

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Aaron Huey’s TED talk is one of the most provocative and profound articulations of the situation facing North American native people. He is engaged in the deeper politics and social agenda of The Majority World as young people attempt to engage the effects of imperialism and colonialism. There are many levels to this dialog from the profound and important work of Aaron Huey to the musical reclamation that is going on in South Africa.

The attitudes and motivations of “global youth” are complex and connected to the history of The Majority World. Their history is their identity and that identity is being forged in an age of global economics, connectivity and urbanization. Its a melting pot on a massive scale. Native Americans are part of The Majority World and will be assuming a more influential cultural voice as social media transforms the mainstream over the next few years.

Saul Singer in “Start Up Nation” identifies creative energy stimulated by the experience of adversity as being at the heart of great innovation. It was true in Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel, Punk and many other forms of artistic expression. We are seeing it now as the “Pussy Riot” generation are galvanized in response to the suppression of identity, history and opportunity. We see it also in Huey’s work and the power of Shephard Fairey‘s art (They are collaborators).

Aaron Huey is a leading voice in a righteous and youthful movement. We will hear more from him and others in the near future.

More info on “Honor the treaties” here.

Honor the Treaties | The Film from eric becker on Vimeo.