Learning from Al Gore (again)

| Tags: Sustainability

Al Gore has been on script for a long time. Not only did his “Information Superhighway” become the internet as we know it today but his “Inconvenient Truth” was a pivotal moment in the global conversation about climate change. 

In this TED talk he gets “hot and bothered” as he focusses his attention on the barriers to our response to climate change:

The sustainability revolution has effectively succeeded and now the process of governance, of changing the way we do things, is underway. Overcoming the obstacles to action is his theme but underlying this theme is the inconvenient truth is now a self evident reality.

These are still transitionary times and COP 28 will be an interesting spectacle as diverse narratives compete and weave into what will be a global story. Al Gore is critical of COP 28 being hosted by UAE – an oil producer –  but maybe out of this conflict we will find what we need to align around effective strategies? Maybe DAC and Carbon Sequestration are  legitimate components of a future approach to climate change? Al Gore is concerned that these technologies promise too much and potentially provide validation for continued rates of fossil fuel production. That is an issue of narrative not technology. The technology could very well be useful but not as an excuse for no change. This discussion is important and it is being held in a place that is fast becoming a global hub for the exchange of ideas.

All eyes on Dubai: COP 28, Nov 30, 2023 – Dec 12, 2023.