Learning from ALO Audio

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So, you thought that a tall skinny  wet cappuccino was going a little far into the arcane world of possible coffee orders? Try this:

Steve’s Setup: iBasso DX100 using it as a transport and it’s internal SABRE32 dac (ES9018 32Bit DAC Chip), ALO  Rx Mk3-b amp with the ALO SXC 22 mini to mini for the line out into the Mk3. The CIEM is the Westone ES5 using Moon Audio IEM Silver Dragon with the min-XLR connector so that I can go either eight, quarter or balanced.”

This is the world of handmade Hi Fi and ALO, a small company in Portland, Oregon, is a fine example. Studioriley just acquired their National Headphone Amp, Cricket line out dock cable and Denon headphones. We used it to demonstrate the  value of “hand made craft” in a presentation down in Palo Alto, noting that the same joy is found at Apple. The DIY movement is growing up and spreading into new markets. Consumer electronics has long been in need of some passion. Plastic boxes sold at Best Buy are not as exciting as a handmade amp and a deep knowledge of components. DIY in Portland fired up the restaurant industry, the coffee shops, the food carts, the music and arts scene, this energy is now spreading far wider.

Studioriley discovered ALO when we spotted The Continental in the Bic store in Yurakucho, Tokyo. This is the city whose hand made cafe racer motorcycle scene inspired Deus Ex Machina .. and is a significant influencer in the DIY craft scene that has gone global. With the arrival of start ups like Love Electronics, who make it easier to start your own electronics manufacturing company, we wonder if we are seeing a deeper transformation of how products are brought to market. Personalization has been a feature of consumer products and services for well over a decade, this feels like a natural evolution.

ALO exudes an enthusiasm that is mainly absent from the mainstream marketing of consumer technology. Their website has the feel of a real business not another digital agency with time and money to spare. Their marketing is simple and all about selling their well crafted products. Check out their #MYSETUP section and enjoy. Big business marketing can learn from the energy of start ups like ALO.