Learning from Andrew Forrest

| Tags: Sustainability

Andrew Forrest is a very very wealthy Australian businessman who made his fortune in the Industrial Age. In a recent talk on ABC Radio this respected businessman discussed how he has staked his fortune and future on important green initiatives. In the area of sustainability he is focussing his company (Fortesque – originally an exporter of Nickel) on developing green hydrogen to fuel industry. It is worth listening to his talk if you have 30 minutes. He also has a TED talk on “A radical plan to end plastic waste“.

He and his wife Nicola Forrest are also campaigning against modern slavery, demonstrating that the Sustainable Age demands the undoing of old and terrible practices that feed the inequities of the world:

“We hope to help empower individuals and families currently suffering the despair of poverty, slavery and the lack of opportunity for themselves and their children. We feel that if we all do whatever we can with whatever we have, large or small, then each of us will help make our world a more equitable and positive environment for others to thrive in.”

— Andrew and Nicola Forrest, February 2013

While the pace of governments can seem painfully slow and politicized, especially in Australia, it is inspiring to see that change can be at the pace of competitive business. Andrew Forrest is not alone, many businesses are acting on the urgency of sustainability.