Learning from Bull Dock, Japan

| Tags: Creativity

The studio is getting increasingly interested in the evolution of DIY culture to a new non corporate branding culture grounded in artisan values, high quality and passion for products that perform. We saw it first in coffee culture when independent coffee companies developed competitive product experiences to compete with companies such as Starbucks. Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco, beloved of Jack Dorsey and endorsers of Square, is a great example. This is the physical manifestation of technology culture: a constant desire to improve things. Here is another great example, Bull Dock custom parts for customized motorcycles in Japan. The world of motorcycles is being transformed by the DIY, “make it better than the factory” culture. Presentation at retail is special also, look here at how Bull Dock merchandises motorcycle parts. You know what they love when you see the glass cases.

The learning is this: There is a trend emerging worldwide. It is all about a sense of loss. The loss of quality product and service experiences. It is a post mass consumerism trend, it is the evolution of the concept of mass customization and reflects, among young consumers, a need for products to symbolize real human values. Bull Dock may feel a long way away from the mainstream but as an outlier they are, along with hand made bicycles, electronics and apparel, an indicator. In this world of global influence we will see these values sweep into the mainstream quickly. In the automotive sector, in consumer technology and in apparel, these values are ascending among young consumers.