Learning from Coolhunting

| Tags: Creativity

There are a lot of bland scenesters masquerading as trend spotters and cool hunters but only one truly useful original: Coolhunting. The brilliance of Josh Rubin‘s creation is that it has a mission: to help and inspire creative people in their work. It is, in effect, Rubin’s work library made public and very useful.

I was with a friend yesterday who was lamenting the banality of “mega trends” (just read Naisbitt) and how it all adds up to money for nothing. Creative people know how to connect the dots and see the world in an original way. Driving forces are social, demographic or economic. Cultural trends are created as a re-imagining based on acute observation. Coolhunting understands this and offers bits and pieces not some overly dogmatic world view.

Here is a great example, a video on Roy Denim: