Learning from David Baddiel

| Tags: Business, Creativity, Sustainability

David Baddiel is a US/GB comedian who, like many comedians, has an astute eye on the world, He has just created a documentary for the BBC called “Social Media, Anger and Us” (Available on BBC iPlayer if you can use that service).

His premise is that social media is rewiring society into a paranoid fight or flight condition in which anger is fueled by algorithms and spills out into “the real world”.

When media evolves so does society, as with the printing press, Radio and TV. Each brings marvelous new experiences as well as dark era defining catastrophe. Just research the role of  radio in 1930’s Germany. 

With power comes responsibility and as we move forward into the sustainable age the role social media plays will be critical to success or failure. If you can watch this thoughtful film I recommend it. You can find it here.