Learning from David Byrne

| Tags: Creativity

This is a wonderful talk from a creative genius. Yes, he IS a creative genius. Not simply because he wrote some of the best music in American popular culture but because he also THINKS creatively. In this talk David Byrne draws our attention to an unexpected link between the acoustics of a room and the nature of music itself. This is perfect example of an unexpected constraint within the creative process.

He is also thinking about the experience of music beyond a recording and a shared digital file. This is the subject of some of our work at the moment here at Studioriley and it is an amazing topic. How will we experience music in the future? Is it really likely that the experience of music will be constrained to white ear buds (Or headphones branded by Dr Dre) and files shared on Spotify? Or is it likely that new spaces and new shared experiences of music will, in fact, create new music?

I love this question.