Learning from David Whyte: The conversational nature of reality, TEDx Puget Sound

| Tags: Business

David Whyte takes us on a journey into story, its power and the nature of reality. In any business the narrative and the way we engage with it defines its reality. Strategists often want the world to unfold as expected, yet business is not that. The dynamics of business include the constant conversation between the internal and the external, the individual and the corporate and between the product and the customer (to name only three). These dynamics create the future and those of us who strive to be in the conversation rather than impose our will are more effective not only at being our selves but at creating an adaptable and dynamic human business.

David also manages to make the following phrase relevant to business: “The iterative nature of reality”. The idea that what we create is created with others in conversation. It reminds me of something I heard years ago about knowledge only being created within relationships. The strategist sits in a conversation between many sources of information and helps create a future reality only in conversation with the organization itself.