Learning from Kahil Joseph

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Part of the work we do here at Studioriley is examine the “cultural trade routes” that are weaving together a new Majority World popular culture that emanates from the modern global experience. Our work in South Africa with Moketse Moticoe highlighted the narrative of new cultural work in music and fashion, that comes from the confidence of deep cultural roots and the excitement of engaging with the worldwide web of global commerce.

And here we have Kahil Joseph, channeling the music of Seou Jorge into an ethereal blend of German Kraftwerk, Hollywood cool and Brazilian allegria:

THE MODEL – Chapter 1: Marcello in Limbo from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.

Yes its gorgeous, yes its cool and yes its the Majority World coming to a Vimeo screen near you. The reason it is here at Studioriley is because it is another example of how creative talent from across the planet is reinventing popular culture.

Marketing is way behind the curve on this, still throwing out the corporate feel of global campaigns. In the real lives of real people creativity is advancing and connecting the dots at phenomenal speed.