Learning from Norway

| Tags: Sustainability

Norway is a small country with a relatively homogenous population and a fossil fuel based economy courtesy of North Sea Oil. Yet it is now a world leader in tackling the issue of carbon neutral transportation. More than half the new cars sold in Norway are electric. 


The country has also tackled the issue of transportation at sea. The bunker fuel used in ships is one of the worse polluters of any fuel, especially of sulphur. 


While the IMO has announced a voluntary reduction of sulphur pollutants in shipping, Norway has adopted zero emissions regulations for tourism travel in their Fjords.


And HAV, the Norwegian Maritime technology company is already providing Hydrogen based net zero engine technologies for shipping.


These are good examples of how fast the regulatory environment for business is changing and explains one of the reasons why sustainable strategies are at the heart of business thinking as we leave the pandemic for the new sustainable age.