Photo credits: A young wayang orang performer stands near his photograph inside a small wooden house in kampoong in Jakarta Indonesia. He is part of a traditional troupe that made its living performing in Indonesia and abroad. Unlike other traditional performances in Indonesia that is hard to survive, this wayang orang survive by keeping the young generation into the troupe. Wayang orang is a traditional Javanese stage performance often compared to Western-style opera and filled with dancing, singing, acting, jokes and fight scenes performed to the music of a gamelan ensemble. Photo by Edy Purnomo/Equator Images

Learning from life in the modern age

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Over 50% of people feel they are part of their national cultural life. Over 50% of people consider themselves to be part of the world beyond their national boundaries (World Values Survey). Often they are the same people. We live in multiple worlds. Our personal world, our community, our family, our nation, our region and the world at large. In the world at large we align with interests and passions, beliefs and shared experiences. We are both living in the past and in the future. These things are true for millions of people and make our work fascinating.

Learning from …™ is Studioriley’s research process that takes us into the lives of people all over the world. It is always fascinating and always inspiring. The impact of social media is to remove the suppression of mass media and include diverse people in many global conversations. These conversations reveal the positivity, creativity and humanity of the world. While media companies remain attached to stories of fear ordinary people are doing extraordinary and positive things. Learning from …™ more often than not reveals how amazing people can be.

In this new era of an inclusive and sustainable global economy there is a lot to feel positive about.