Learning from STEM to STEAM

| Tags: Business, Creativity

STEM is the governments primary focus on education in America. Science, technology, engineering and math. There is something missing in that list though. It is also missing in many businesses and marketing organizations. It is the one ingredient that transforms skills into innovation, creates ideas that are new, even when they emerge from the old, differentiates brands, connects with the human experience, enables good stories to be well told and creates strong relationships between people, between people and businesses and between citizens and government: Art.

STEM to STEAM: Join the Movement from STEM to STEAM on Vimeo.

STEM to STEAM is a campaign to bring art into education in order to make America the world leader of innovation again. It could also be brought more frequently into business and marketing. As the science of data analysis ascends even higher into our decision making it demands the balance of art. The technologist needs the artist as much as the artist needs the engineer and we all need the mathematicians. Without art business is a machine.

Strategy is both art and science, working together to imagine futures based on real analysis. This clarity is lost in a hundred powerpoint slides of charts or a cool presentation from the agency. We need the storytellers to tell the strategic story in ways that can inspire a business. We need analysts to offer the truth. In this way we can learn more effectively and make decisions that are more human. The big truth about branding is that the story can outlast the product. Getting the story to be true in a way that moves hearts and minds is one of the most difficult tasks any of us undertake. But only by doing this work, collaborating across science, technology, art and mathematics can we really succeed.