Photo credits: ABC Conversations — Michelle Ransom-Hughes

Learning from the Sahara

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Imagine walking across the Sahara, learning to speak in Arabic, understanding the cultural rituals of a nomadic people, and being an outsider while sinking deeper inside a culture you have grown to love. Paula Constant walked across the Sahara and experienced all those things. And more.

This is a two part radio show from ABC with an interview by Richard Fidler who expertly gives her a platform to tell her story …

Big Adventures – Paula Constant Pt 1

Her journey was a learning journey. She learned from the nomadic life, its culture, and its honor. She learned from her love of life. Ultimately, she learned from her simple existence, the plain satisfaction of just “being here, that’s all.”

Here she challenges us to reconsider the external motivations that blind us to our inner needs and offers up walking as meditation on a path to enlightenment.