Learning from the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2022.

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The United Nations has developed a series of 17 “Sustainable Development Goals”. Note that they are not “sustainable” or “sustainability” goals, they are “sustainable development goals”.

The UNSDGs are about more than climate change, they represent the challenges we face to create a world which is healthy for all people and for all the planet. Ensuring our world is fair and just is as important as making it clean and healthy.

The fact that so many countries agreed to these goals makes them invaluable for any of us striving to evolve business after the mass age and into the sustainable age.

The UNSDGs are also a guiding light for current and future governmental policy and regulation. So they are useful strategic tools to guide organizational leadership. In a sense they are not controversial in that they have already been through the challenging process of gaining consensus among the united nations.

As we go into 2022 and are beginning to think about the next round of strategic planning, it is worth going through the rigor and discipline of examining every aspect of your business against the context of the UNSDGs. What should and can be changed, reinvented, done differently or reconsidered in the light of these strategic imperatives? Not everything can happen today but a road map and an awareness of the innovative and creative challenges ahead will immunize your business from future shock.

The UNSDGs provide us with a useful framework to organize strategic planning.

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Happy New Year!