Learning from Tim O’Reilly

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Studioriley researchers were at PICNIC in Amsterdam this September. More intimate than TED and engaged in creating a real difference for the entrepreneurial community, PICNIC focused this year on the notion of collaboration and the creation of real value for society as well as shareholders. One of the most popular speakers was Tim O’Reilly who has been observing innovation for quite a few years now. Here, at PICNIC, he examines the myth that business is only about capital:

Tim O’Reilly on The Clothesline Paradox and the Sharing Economy / PICNIC Festival 2012 from PICNIC on Vimeo.

“Every wave I have been part of … starts with people having fun, doing things for the fun of it, sharing what they do .. innovation starts in the sharing economy”. His analysis warns us of the dangers of seeking the financial return on every business, it turns us in on ourselves and ignores the real value we can create for other people. It is in the “value for other people” category that true innovation and future economic growth comes from. “Capital does not grow economies, customers do”.

Nike has always been a marketer who understands this. Nike advertising added value to people’s lives, it was a product of the company not simply a means of marketing the shoes. People really enjoyed their perspective on sport and the result is one of the greatest and most valuable brands in the world.

Its a good message for new start – ups trying to think through the meaning of their brand and how they should use marketing to grow their business.