Learning from Uniqlo

| Tags: Business, Creativity, World

Our friends at Uniqlo in London just did a really nice store launch featuring this film:

It reflects a love of London, Londoners and their city. It was a nice thing for Studioriley to be involved in. It was also rewarding to see the company work with artists to speak to a mainstream market.

Uniqlo is Japanese and has a different approach to both marketing and brand building. Their 10 Million Ways to Help Campaign to support refugees is groundbreaking and involved working with the United Nations Refugee Agency. Uniqlo’s vision of human progress is a vision for the whole business, not just CSR. Hence a desire to be part of London’s creative culture.

As Uniqlo moves beyond their home to be in the wider world, they are bringing Asian, specifically Japanese, values with them. This is a glimpse of the future. Asian values of family, community, larger responsibility, the value of the group and much more come from an Asian philosophical tradition. Just as Western consumerism reflects an older western tradition. Things will be different.

Uniqlo has great ambition and is an amazingly sophisticated business. Watch for other “global” launches and interesting stuff from Uniqlo in the future. They are world leaders and are bringing change.