Learning from Wade Davis

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Here is a lecture, from the wonderful Long Now series where Wade Davis explores the human phenomenon, our shared lineage, and how our multiple cultural manifestations aggregate to a single humanity made up of deep, dynamic and relevant knowledge. He comments on the idea that our Western obsession with the least important things (living until a hundred years old and keeping our teeth) is in stark contrast with the continually evolving knowledge within older cultures. The Buddhists, The Polynesian Wayfarers, The Inuit and The Australian Aboriginals all explore issues related to the real meaning of our lives on planet Earth. He argues that we have profoundly misunderstood knowledge that is “non scientific”, or rather; non Western.

Ancient wisdom is mythological but its impact is profound. It is our scientific knowledge fueling our industrial power that has destroyed many environments and poisons our planet. Ancient wisdom has enabled indigenous people all over the world to live in harmony with nature for over ten thousand years. Wade argues we have a lot to learn from these other peoples.

It is great thinking from someone who has been in the field all his life. His knowledge is extensive and his observations are acute. Our species came out of Africa and fragmented around the world, each culture responding to the same imperatives of human existence, now we are all reconnecting through modern technology and our shared wisdom is beginning to be reconnected also.

Wade’s book “Light at the edge of the world” is a studio favorite. Enjoy his lecture on “The Wayfinders: Why ancient wisdom matters in the modern world“.