AN^LOG 3: Japanese Translation

The third issue of Analog, After the Mass-Age, has been expanded to include a version translated into Japanese by Studioriley collaborator, Sumiko Sato. The Japanese translation of the book is accompanied by the original After the Mass-age, and the two are bound together in a traditional Japanese-style obi, or belly band.


In our fourth issue of Analog, we present Radio Live Transmission on vinyl for the first time.

“Geography & Loss” examines the twin energies of identity loss and urban isolation. These are experiences integral to migration and urbanization as well as the tension between The Majority World and its colonial past.

RLT digs deep into analog sound and sources inspiration from the narrative power of radio, beyond ambience to a geographical journey that can go to a dark place. This is music, or at least organized sound, from The Majority World.

According to RLT, you can play loud … or quiet.

AN^LOG 3: After the Mass-Age

In 1967, Marshall McLuhan—the father of media studies—published The Medium is the Massage, his era-defining examination of mass media and its global impact.

Now, on the fiftieth anniversary of the book, Chris Riley begins a new conversation.

The Mass-Age has ended, he says, and we must find a new way forward.
Where media was once a top-down endeavor, dominated by Western Values and corporations, it is now a flat network, one in which all can participate. The question then, is how to account for this diversity of perspectives? How do we create trust and collaboration in a seemingly fragmented world?


A Notebook To Help People Think Visually

Chris Riley developed a unique way of taking notes over his years as a strategist. He collaborated with Anonymous, the Singapore design company, to turn his hand-drawn method into a system to help think through strategic problems visually.

Following a short introduction that describes the intent and helps guide the user, there are pages of an isometric grid to “record”, “visualize” and “analyze.” The grid and guides help one get the basic shapes for a Venn diagram, and other key shapes.

Black stitch bound on a nice white, embossed paper.


In our inaugural issue of Analog, we focus on migration and movement by looking at the experience, complexity and implications of migration, both in physical and technological terms. We join photographer Stefan Chow in Hong Kong and delve into the values and lifestyles of young people in Africa, Indonesia, and South America. In our Great Migration information graphics, the numbers show an undeniable push to a global future. By listening to the people themselves and analyzing the rich data their movements provide, we can better understand the rising winds of change. Analog issue 1 represents a collaboration between Studioriley, Anonymous (designers in Singapore) and photojournalists in Mexico, Indonesia and Hong Kong.