Learning from Jim Stengel and P&G

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I have just picked up Jim Stengel’s book “Grow”. It is an insightful read and a welcome look into the mind of massive marketer P&G. You can learn more at his website here. The congruence between Jim’s conclusions, as an analytic marketing thinker, and a creative perspective is powerful. His observation is that companies who strategize around their ideals are more successful than companies that simply try and sell their products. Creative thinkers have felt the same way for decades. This thinking is embedded in Apple and Nike, for example.  To read “Grow” is to feel very encouraged that we still have business thinkers who value the role business plays in shaping our cultures worldwide. Jim has done the hard work of quantifying the value of meaningful marketing. One of our clients just asked us to take a look at “Grow”, I am glad we took her sugestion.