Learning from Mary Meeker and KPCB

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Mary Meeker & Co have a good look at internet trends for 2012. The data is nicely organized and has some useful insights beyond the investment world. Of interest to Studioriley are two things: Firstly the rapid emergence of Majority World internet use and secondly the equally significant shift to mobile. When viewed in the context of a global cultural realignment away from western cultural dominance we see lots of new creativity coming from The Majority World. India is only one place of great creative energy, look at Mumbai/Bombay as an example of that. We have recently been working with creative folks in Rio, Cape Town, Jakarta, Beijing as well as Mumbai. The trends observed by KPCB are matched also by massive migration to cities away from home. This further concentrates and fuels creative expression as young people use technology to enable them express new urban identities that both embrace the traditions of previous generations and the excitement go the new world