Learning from photojournalists

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Back in 2011 when we founded Studioriley we had this idea: that creative talent is underutilized in the field of learning and insight. The process of creating involves a process of learning and analyzing. So, we thought, why not engage creative people to help us learn?

Studioriley is a network node that connects us to our community of creative ad insightful professionals. At the top of the list are the over thirty photojournalists from every corner of the world who have been our insight eyes on people and places.

Creating assignments for photojournalists and then interviewing them, often using professional radio journalists such as Alex Chadwick yields profoundly insightful narratives about people, places, culture and perspectives. 

Learning from photo-journalists has been awe inspiring, truly. Visual narratives come from deep understanding and so the conversations with the photographers are aways both informative and inspiring. 

I have done many presentations in my life but the ones featuring the work of our photojournalists are the most fun and, I sense, the most interesting for clients and broader audiences. A picture tells a thousand words and the conversations take the us deeper into the narrative.